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FemDom. Sadist. Rigger. 

Event Producer. Kink Activist.

Adult Content Producer.

Madame Posh

I am a Texas based FemDom, Rigger, Kink/BDSM Educator, Event Director, Kink Activist, and Director & Adult Content Producer, whose projects and organizations focus on creating better spaces for marginalized communities, particularly BlPOC’s folx.. . . . READ MORE!


With an amateur background in dance and choreography, rope bondage has only enhanced my inspiration and added to my artistic expression.

Watch some of my past rope performances!

Interested in having me perform at your event?




I delight in creating rope bondage experiences for all kinky folx. Learn more about the sessions I offer! 


I offer diverse options of educational class topics, from rope bondage to FemDom dynamics to communication!

I offer coaching & mentoring sessions via Zoom for

rope bondage, Dominants & kinky couples!


I offering community organizing & event planning consulting at affordable hourly rates via Zoom!




The Kink Activist Support Fund is a non-profit kink organization that supports activists and marginalized communities . . . 

The BANK Collective is a rope bondage and kink circle

centered on continuous education. We hope to create an open and . . . 

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Check out kinky education and event resources throughout the world!

Connecting you to your kinks!

A representation collective for marginalized communities. Curated by KASF Org Team.

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