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I am passionate about the importance of education & communication. 

Book me for group educational classes!

“The History of Kink and Slavery”

Description: This is a lecture and power presentation class on the history of kink and slavery. This class covers how rope was used during slavery, Master & slave titles, the correlations between slave punishments and kink play, and more.

“The Modern FemDom” | Creating Female Lead Relationships in 2020

Description: This is a deep dive class on what it means and how to create a modern FemDom power exchange dynamic. This class will cover discovering who you are as a FemDom. What are you looking for in a submissive partner? How to accept service from your submissive partner as a strong independent woman. How to negotiate 24/7 partner dynamics. How to communicate better in your relationship and much more.

“I touch myself” | Reclaiming our orgasm & celebrating our agency in our sexual encounters

Description: This is a class for humans with “introverted bits” (clitoris’) about how to gain more agency in your sexual encounters. Communicated what you need to your partner? Discovering yourself? Reclaiming the power in your sexuality and orgasms.

“Is she flirting with me?” | Dating & Flirting for Femme Folxs attracted to Femme Folxs

Description: In this class we will deep dive into the age old questions for queer, bi-sexual, lesbian, and pansexual femme folx, “Was she hitting on me?” or “Do you think you knew I was flirting with her?”

“Mixing it Up” | A lecture and discussion on interracial relationships and race

Description: In this class we will cover the special experience the beautiful humans have, that are in interracial relationships. What does fetishization look like? How to be an ally when dates POC? Understanding culture and family dynamics? And many more topics.


“Diamonds are a girls’ best friend!” | The Art of Seduction

Description: This class will discuss and demonstrate the feminine art of seduction and the all the behaviors and movements to seduce your partner. Spicy up your sex life or step up your flirting game and come learn all the subtleties that entice your partner and make them desire you even more deeply.

“Now What?” | What to do when you don’t know what to do

Description: This class covers one of the most heard questions from new dominants: “I have a sub that wants to serve/play with me, but I don’t know what to do?” Or they are too new, and don’t know what they want? They always feel like there is so much, WHERE DO I START? Have no fear, this class covers many ways to get inspiration for your kink scenes, how to come off confident in your play, preparing for your first scene, what to expect and so much more.

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” | Creating your Dominant Persona, Getting into Dom Space & Creating Rules

Description: This is an interactive workshop on creating your Dominant Persona, Creating Protocols/Rules, understanding and getting into your Dominant Headspace. will cover self-care for dominants, understanding the highs and lows in your kink journey. What is it that you want in a submissive? In your D/s dynamic? In Your play partners? The most loved and respected dominant’s take time for introspection, personal growth, and to know themselves. So let’s get to know ourselves.

“I love costumes but now what?” | Roleplaying: What to do after your all dressed up?

Description: Do you love all the costumes, and props but can't think of what to do or say once you've set the scene? In this class we will talk about creating script and story outlines, improving lines in your scenes, and developing your confidence in ROLE PLAYING!!!


“Tiddling & Diddling Your Bits” | Sadistic Crotch Rope for Everyone!

Description: In this class we cover different ways in which to create sadistic and pleasurable crotch rope for any bottom! INCLUDES: lecture, demos, examples. Prerequisites: 4 bundles of rope, single column

“Talk Dirty To Me” | Communicate is the Answer

Description: In this class we discuss why what really turns us on is communication. Why almost all conflict is rooted in miscommunication? The importance of understanding our partners and why it is keeping us from effective communication. How vanilla society has deeply affected our ability to communicate. We will also discuss personality types (Myers-Briggs) and love languages can enhance your super sexy communication skills. INCLUDES: demos, examples (videos: if possible), coaching exercises, and is INTERACTIVE! (This can also be a 3-part deep dive workshop)

“Just Dance!” | Dance, Rope and Erotic Movement

Description: We will cover these topics: What is dance? How and why to incorporate dance into your rope play? Movement and partner communication. Erotic/Passion Submission Dances: the history and what they are. Building confidence in your body, dance and movement. How to choreograph erotic dances for your partner? Let's get sexy and sensual! INCLUDES: demonstrations of submission dances, erotic strip tease, and partner body movement communication exercise.



“Dance for me.” | Deep Dive into the Erotic Power of Slave/Submission Dances

Description: In this class we will going over the slowly fading fetish of slave dances or submission dances. We will be covering the history of slave dances and how Gorean sub-culture influenced the fetish. We will go over how to create slave dances, choreographing and expression dance, how to build your confidence in dance, why these scenes can be so powerful and intense, and much more!


“Tables Can’t Talk” | Non-Sexual Objectification in Rope

Description: In this class we will be covering the fetish of forniphilia: the art of bondage where the subject is tightly bound, expected to stay immobile for a prolonged period and used as an object. We will cover why this fetish is so fun, how it can be used in everyday power exchange relationships, all the way to high protocol fetish parties with people as tables, chairs and suspended art. Prerequisites: 4-8 bundles of rope, single column, double column


“Let’s get ready to rumble!” | Primal and Wrestling in Rope

Description: In this class we cover how to assert dominance over a bottom that is physically larger than you. Ways in which to incorporate primal play into your rope play and the power of those energy exchanges. And games or scenes in which rope is your tool and wrestling in your language; how to’s and safety!Prerequisites: 2 bundles of rope, single column (not necessary)


“And then we could add rope!” |  Rope for BDSM Play

Description: In this class we will cover all the diverse ways in which rope can be used in ALL of your BDSM play! The challenge: Find a fetish I can’t add rope too and make it more interesting! INCLUDES: Lecture and demos Prerequisites: 2 bundles of rope


“Oh, well that’s not so bad.” | Interactive Transitions for Bottoming Skill Development 

Description:  In this class, tying pairs with be pairing up! We will be going through a basic transition sequence, while interactively working on speaking the same language for better communication, working with the bottom on breathing and pain processing and focusing on creating dynamic energy by focusing on our bottom more then the rope. Prerequisites: 10 bundles of rope, chest harness, hip harness or at least a single column

“Old Town Road” | Intro to Pony Play  

Description: What? Why? How? Types of Pony Play and we will learn your first trot!  Pony Play is on the brink of becoming a lost art. This class brings the fetish to the millennial generation and explains why it’s so rewarding. WHAT IS PONY PLAY? Pony play is where at least one of the participants dresses to resemble and assumes the mannerisms and character of an equine animal. 


“I didn’t know that?” | Breaking Misconceptions and Intro to Rope

Description: Have you ever said or thought these things? How do I do rope safely? Rope seems like it might be kinda boring, it takes so long. Well I can’t do suspension until I have tied floor rope for a long time. I am not the right body for rope bondage. In this class not only will we break the myths of the art of rope bondage, but also cover some of the ways in which American folx appropriate Shibari and Kinbaku. Discussing some of the historical and society context of this art and culture it originates from. Let’s break all those misconceptions!




“But Like, where do I start?” | Umbrella Rope Essentials

Description: This class is great for all rope kinksters whether brand new or experienced. This class includes lectures, demos and interactive discussions on the some of the essential foundations in rope including basic safety, negotiations, consent, rope terminology, the differences and benefits of synthetic and natural rope, and much more!


“You only need one“ | Just the one rope, is all you need

Description: In this class we are going to cover all the things you can do with one rope and one single or double column. You really only need one rope to make a dynamic, sadistic or playful rope scene and in this class we will demo and explain how.


“Getting that ‘Oh F*** Face’” | SINGLE & DOUBLE COLUMNS & UPLINES

Description: In this class we will review single columns, learn how to attach our uplines and lock them off, and go throw a beginner SADISTIC partial transition sequence. No prior rope experience is necessary, but if you know your single column you will be ahead of the game!


“More TENSION” | Arms Free Chest Harness Variations & More

Description: In this class we will be covering the foundations of tension and how it plays a part in your rope. While we deep dive into this topic we will be learning basic chest harness variations and options for every body-type. No prior knowledge of rope is necessary.


“Bootylicious” | Hips Harness & Intro to Suspensions

Description: In this class we will be learning a basic booty basket hip harness and beginning to cover the basics of suspension, including positioning, creating shapes and body movement. We will also be covering bottoming skills, experiences, communication during play and ways bottoms can improve those skills. This class includes a demo, lecture, discussion, and Q&A.


How to Look “Cool” Doing Rope

Description: You know those moments when your rope gets tangled and you feeling like a fumbling rope top? This class is for you! In this class we are going to cover all the little things, that just make you feel more confident in your rope and look kinda “cool” to your bottom as well. Plus, extra tips on how to spicy up the energy and connection in your scenes.

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