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Dominant Session

I am a rare beauty in leather, latex and everything in-between. Standing an astute 5’5”, if my almond brown eyes are too captivating, take pleasure in my hourglass 34DD-26-37 frame, resting your eyes on my 8.5 sized patent pumps.

I have always been fascinated with the body & mind and how to coerce them to do my bidding. Therefore, I have mastered a multitude of techniques and skills to tease & torment every quivering curve of your body, along with the hidden corners of your mind. You should expect no less than complete immersion in the exchange of power, under my tactful guidance as I walk you through the flames until you are burning in your own desires.....     


I will have you trembling under my sensual touch as I have your body tied in bondage or quaking under the bite of my whip. You will be keenly aware that I have harnessed your mind, as your body obeys my every command.

Quivering, breathless and spent as your mind begs for more!


Gent and I - Red Chair - Namaste FINALS
New Years Look 2 - -12.jpg
Turkey Day - Look D - 12.jpg
Turkey Day - Look C - 20 - G.jpg
New Years Look 7 - -16.jpg
1 - Red Flogger.jpg
Prescott Xmas Eve Suspension-2.jpg
Kinked Photoshoot.jpg
New Years Look 2 - -7 UPDATED.jpg
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