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I am a Texas based FemDom, Rigger, Event Director, Kink Activist, and Adult Content Producer whose projects and organizations focus on creating better spaces for marginalized communities, particularly BlPOC’s folx. I am a self-professed nerd, and politically incorrect goth diva. I have been living an alternative lifestyle since 2014 and been an active part of the DFW & national kink scene since 2017.

I am a proper sailor-mouthed lady who delights in welcoming new kinksters to the alternative lifestyle family, the community, and anything DC Universe or GOT. I am passionate about creating authentic inviting spaces for alternative lifestyle and sex education, creating intense unique experiences using the art of BDSM, rope bondage and everything to do with power exchange. My passionate love for the art of rope bondage grows deeper every time I pull the jute through my fingers and I revel in every opportunity to nurture my skills and continue my spiritual exploration of rope bondage.

I am the founder of rope bondage and kink educational group called The BANK Collective, as well as Modern Mistresses United or MMU, an all-inclusive FemDom fellowship group.

I host the YouTube channel “The MP Experience.” The channel focused on kink and alternative relationship education, weekly vlogs about my kink journey, as well as commentary on social justice topics and fun kink entertainment. WATCH VIDEOS!


The BANK Collective

Educator/Presenter, 2019-current


Performed, 2018

Educator/Presenter, 2019

Performed, 2019


Educator/Presenter, 2019

Whips in the Woods

Educator/Presenter, 2019

Performer, 2019


Educator/Presenter, 2019


Educator/Presenter, 2020

KEW Workshop

Educator/Presenter, 2020

Performer, 2020

Anatomie Studios

Educator/Presenter, 2020


Panelist for "Flip the Script", 2020

Educator/Presenter, 2020

The Pan Eros Foundations

Educator/Presenter, 2019

Highly Melanated | Obsidian LA

Performer, 2020


Educator/Presenter, 2020

Barcroft/Truly TV

My Boyfriend Is Submissive & I Love It



Someone You Should Know

What Can BDSM Teach us about life? 

Evie Lupine
YouTube Kink Educator 
Being an Ethical Pro-Dom(me) WATCH NOW

Discussing The Kink Community WATCH NOW

YouTube Kink Educator 
Tension With Intention Prospering as a Woman of Color in Kink  WATCH NOW

“The Man Lounge” Show with Franky and the Dude
Internet Radio


I am the owner and event producer of KEW WORKSHOP 2020, ABE 2021, and I am launching multiple projects for the kink community for 2021.

The KEW Workshop 2020, is a kink educational weekend that features all femme presenting or femme adjacent queer folx. CHECK OUT 2021!

All Black Everything or A.B.E. 2021. ABE 2021 is an alternative lifestyle education & entertainment weekend for EVERYONE; inclusively featuring a powerhouse line up of ALL BlPOC Sex, Kink, and Rope educators, presenters & performers! Coming to Dallas & virtually via Zoom in 2021!

I created the Kinky Activist Support Fund or K.A.S.F. Org. K.A.S.F. Org is a non-profit kink organization that supports activists and marginalized communities, through fundraising and direct donations to kinksters. Currently, K.A.S.F. Org is supporting Black Lives Matters and activist working towards the movement. We raise funds to directly aid our kinky community members who are on the front lines of fighting against injustices; currently K.A.S.F. Org has raised over $8500. FIND OUT MORE!

I co-curates @UnkinkTheMargin on Instagram. A representation collective for marginalized communities, that features IG accounts every week, to make sure these voices are heard. If you are a BIPOC kinkster and you would like to be featured, email 3-6 images to unkinkthemargin@gmail.com. GO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM!

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